Tax Preparation Worksheets

The successful completion of your personal tax return is largely based on having all of the necessary information at hand during your appointment. We have created several worksheets to aide you in the collection and categorization of receipts.

Self-Employed Tax Worksheet

This two-page worksheet will help self-employed clients prepare both their income and expense information. Organizing this information (and supporting receipts) prior to your appointment will help you achieve the best tax outcome possible.

Rental Property Worksheet

Please complete one worksheet for each rental property you owned during the tax year. This worksheet will help you keep track of expenses as well ass assigning them to the proper categories for tax preparation purposes.

Daycare Provider Worksheets

This three page packet will help daycare providers prepare for their tax appointment in order to maximize their deductions based on the unique tax code regulations impacting their industry.

Non-Cash Charitable Donations

This spreadsheet can help you track a list of your annual non-cash charitable donations. The amounts in the spreadsheet are only a guideline of values.

* These worksheets are only available to clients of Lake Stevens Tax Service. Unauthorized printing, copying or distribution is not allowed.