Personal Tax Return Preparation

Lake Stevens Tax Service prepares hundreds of tax returns each year and will be pleased to have you select us for your return preparation. Many of our clients have been coming to us literally for generations. We take the responsibilitiy of preparing your tax return seriously and will make every effort to get you the most favorable outcome.

Appointments Required
All appointments are scheduled in advance so be sure to schedule your appointment today. Every year we fill up the appointment schedule, so the sooner you contact the office the better selection of an appointment date and time you will be offered.

Understanding Your Situation
We take the time to learn about your unique sitation and your future plans to help prepare your return and to help you prepare for future tax related decisions in your life.

Accurate Calculations
We have a commercial software program to enable us to expertly prepare your return and to adapt this to the IRS requirements for E-filing procedures.

In-Person Preparation
Unlike other tax services, we prepare the return right in front of you during your appointment. We make sure the return is right as we proof all returns with you present and complete most of those return while you are here in attendance. We will take that stress out of filing a return and try to make your appointment the most enjoyable experience possible.

E-File & Direct Deposit
You will usually know the outcome of the return prior to leaving the appointment. We can E-file that return the same day and have the IRS directly deposit that refund (hope so) into your bank account within 7-10 days.

Ready to get started? Use our online appointment tool to schedule your 2019 tax appointment today!