Filing Returns for Past Years

Are you one of those people that have not filed a return for years? The IRS does not go away. For whatever reason you have for not filing those returns, we can assist you in being compliant with the regulations.

  • The IRS has a statue of limitations for getting a refund from prior years and we know those rules.
  • The IRS may have also contacted you for non-compliance with filing requirements. We can help you answer those letters and respond with the proper response.
  • Does the tax return preparation simply scare you as so many rules and regulation you are simply lost in the procedure of filing that return? We can help you with explaining your options and getting it done properly and quickly.

We are a full service operation and will try to educate you and assist you in having you compliant with the IRS filing rules so you can sleep better at night. We can also help with cases where you need to re-file returns from previous years if your situation warrants.

We have been doing hundreds of tax returns every year and have experience in helping people file tax returns for previous years.

Contact the office today as time is of the essence to have this taken care of to possible avoid any liens and levys the IRS might be considering.

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