Police Officer & Firefighter Taxes

Each year we prepare over one hundred returns for members of local police and fire departments. Through our large client base we are experienced in maximizing specific job-related deductions that most tax prepares don't even know about!

Over past years of tax return preparation we have obtained copies of several of various police department's handbook policies. We have used these policies of required job duties to justify numerous tax deductions seldom known or used on tax returns.

The IRS states that you are entitled to special deductions which can save on your tax bill!

Do you know all the deductions available for you? We do!

  • What about claiming grooming standards?
  • What about eating meals while on the job?
  • Did you know that some departments can deduct eating out?
  • How about all those extra items you purchase for work?

We have a list of police and firefighters expenses to help you total all those extra costs associated with your job. We prepare over 100 police and firefighter returns so we know what we are doing and are happy to have you as part of our client list.

Please schedule an appointment to learn more. You may even be entitled to re-file returns for previous years to take advantage of unclaimed deductions!