Daycare Provider Tax Returns

Daycare Blocks

Once upon a time many years ago my wife, Sandy, and I were a licensed daycare provider in the state. We did this for several years then Sandy started preparing tax returns and conducting seminars on the intriacies of daycare taxes.

Over the years Sandy travelled around Washington State holding those seminars; educating daycare providers about regulations and available tax deductions that many providers never knew existed. The number of clients using Lake Stevens Tax Service to prepare their returns grew and grew until we were providing over 250 daycare returns each year!

Daycare provider tax returns are a central part of our practice, please contact our office to learn how we can help with your daycare tax needs.

Specialized Advice

We have special daycare worksheets that we can provide to help you organize your expenses. If you are new in the business, we can schedule a business consult so you will not be wasting time tracking expenses that cannot be deducted. We can save you time by showing you EZ ways to track mileage, hours of operation, and office-in-home expenses.

Payroll for Daycares

We can help you setup payroll for your daycare so you can take the expense deductions and protect yourself from liability. Many daycare providers fail to understand the danger of not handling payroll properly.

  • Did you know that paying employees "under the table" is not only illegal but hurts you on the tax return?
  • Did you know that paying your children is possible and could save you thousands on a return?
  • Did you know that unless you pay employees properly you are liable for any employee injuries, unemployment when they leave, court actions if any child is injured by that employee, etc.?
  • Did you know your home owners insurance may not cover you unless you are in compliance with all regulations for hiring employees correctly!

WA State Regulations

We can help you comply with the numerous regulations; that not only the IRS imposes, but also all those regulations established by the State of Washington.

Setup a Consultation

Setting up a business consult is something you should consider to protect your assets and save taxes on your returns in the future.